Important Dates

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Important Dates

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of important dates to mark on your calendar.

March 20 – 24: Closed for Spring Break

April 10: Closed for Easter

April 29 & 30: Karate BC Provincial Championships (Richmond, BC. Details to come)

May 22: Closed for Stat Holiday

June 3: Coastal Martial Arts Karate Tournament (Port Alberni, BC. Details to come)

June 4: Karate BC Victoria Karate Tournament (Details to come)

June 9: Formal Belt Testing for the following ranks (Brown Belt, Brown Stripe and Black Belt. 6 pm at Hastings Dojo)

*Please note that the dojo will be open on a regular schedule for the second week of Spring Break (March 27-31).

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

All the best,

Sensei Cory

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